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Stop Obsessing About Cleaning Supplies in YOUR Cleaning Business!!

You would think it’s the most important thing in the cleaning business – really, if you looked at all the ads online and in industry magazines, you would think which of the countless, different lines of cleaning chemicals you decide to use is going to determine whether your janitorial business or residential, maid service thrives or fails. But, as they say, it ain’t necessarily so – not by a long shot.

Watch this fast paced video – Stop Obsessing about Cleaning Supplies in YOUR Cleaning Business!! where you’ll learn how important this ‘cleaning supply’ issue REALLY is so you can separate the important issues like safety, effectiveness and convenience from the not so important ones, like whether it’s the ‘latest and greatest’. Plus, Dan will tell you 3 things that are a lot more important to the success or your cleaning company than your preference in glass cleaner.