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Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Boise janitorial service

Customized Cleaning Programs

You choose the level of service that meets your needs.

If you want 1, 2, 5 or 7 days per week, desks cleaned, floors vacuumed and bathrooms sanitized. No problem. We will clean to your expectations and requirements.

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Office Cleaning and Janitorial Service by Altius is your first choice for all your commercial cleaning needs!

Call: (855) 941-2400

Take advantage of our Multi-Point inspection approach to cleaning and get the quality of service you deserve.

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Janitorial Service Office Cleaning

Are you looking for high-quality janitorial and commercial office cleaning services?  We can help your building with cleaning anywhere from daily to weekly. Our services include everything from emptying trash cans to cleaning the employee lounge. 

Commercial Office Cleaning

Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services is proud to provide commercial janitorial cleaning services for commercial and industrial buildings. With high attention to detail, we always focus on how to best meet and exceed your cleaning needs. We offer janitorial and office cleaning services for all types and sizes of businesses and facilities.  

We understand that the impression your employees and customers have about your business is directly related to their level of comfort while in your facility. That responsibility is directly tied to how well your office cleaning or commercial janitorial company performed their duties the night before.  As a Northwest cleaning company, Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial hopes to earn your business each day by making the cleanliness of your building something you no longer need to worry about.

Window Cleaning

Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services is proud to offer both interior and exterior window cleaning services. Our commercial window washing is some of the best in the business, leaving your windows immaculate. Whether you’re in a school or a call center, we’ve got your back.

Customized Office Cleaning and Janitorial Programs

  • Floor Plans – Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming
  • Flat Surfaces – Dusting, Desk Polishing, Sanitizing
  • Bathrooms – Toilet, Sink and Floor Sanitation, Mirror Polishing
  • Kitchens / Break rooms – Sanitize Countertops, Tables, and Appliances
  • Window Cleaning – Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually

Carpet Cleaning

At Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial, we offer all the care your flooring needs. We can do everything from water extraction carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning to stripping and refinishing wax, to simple mopping and vacuuming. Whatever your floor care needs, Altius is the company you want.

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Communication and Quality

When you go with Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial, you will not only get a top quality clean, but you also get top-notch customer service. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate effectively, and treat you with the highest level of honesty, respect, and integrity.

What people are saying…

Based on 7 reviews
Ken Miles
Ken Miles
Consistent company with great ownership. They will make sure you are taken care of.
Brooke J Lacey
Brooke J Lacey
I love coming in to a clean office on Mondays, one less thing I have to worry about. Altius is trustworthy, efficient and the have great customer service. I would recommend them to anyone!
Jon Beasley
Jon Beasley
My wife and I own a few businesses in the Boise area. We are very happy with Altius and can't believe the value.
Melene Damron
Melene Damron
Great company that does great work and a great rate. We hired Altius Office Cleaning to clean our small bakery. The owner, Coy, walked through the entire job and everything was very personal and customized to fit our needs. Thanks so much Coy.
Mical Payne
Mical Payne
I really like the quality of janitorial work offered by Altius Office Cleaning. The attention to detail is outstanding. The owner goes out of his way to make sure everything is just the way it should be, and he takes his business very seriously and I like that.
Elisa Villas
Elisa Villas
Our last janitorial services did us a great service by lowering the quality of services and asking for more money. My father, who owns a very successful business in Boise, had asked me to help source a new janitorial service for him. We reached out to several companies, but Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial quickly won us over. They not only bid more competitively, but were also able to thoroughly explain their cleaning regimen, products being used, safety or hazards to be aware, and any other questions we had. We have been very pleased with the quality of work and the communication with Altius. We highly recommend their service for your company's janitorial and cleaning services.

Professional Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

It can be hard to find quality, honesty, and capability in one janitorial company, but don’t worry; the search is over. We hope you will give us a chance to show you the Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial difference. Now serving offices, schools, medical buildings, call centers, and other businesses.  We hope to earn your businesses and become your preferred cleaning provider.

Janitorial Service Locations

We serve offices, medical buildings, schools, call centers, and more in the throughout Idaho, Washington, and Utah and would be happy to give you a free bid today.

Call us now at (855) 941-2400

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About Us

As a local leader in Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations through ongoing employee training and strong onsite management. We were founded in 2015 with the vision that we would one day be a huge contender in the marketplace by offering honesty and quality with every clean. We believe that it doesn’t matter if you are a small account or large account; you deserve our very best every time.