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Complete residential & commercial cleaning service
Janitorial, building maintenance,
The idea came about that an established company could do a lot more utilizing the skills and experiences gained, providing the best possible cleaning entity on the planet for many. We realized that cleaning can be quite daunting for many people, because of various individual reasons…cleaning can take away your precious time, it does not allow you to do some of the creature comforts things afforded to us in our lifetime. Chillaxing can be something that’s only a thought, especially having a family, children and pets.

How about wanting to entertain family and friends, but you are reluctant because of the fear of being embarrassed that someone may be mindful of your dirty unpleasant or untidy space, or being fearful of those unexpected, uninvited guest. Fuzzy Annie can allay all fears, we are aware of all the trials and tribulations apprehensions and all…we feel that you should never have to clean your space ever again. We privately and confidentially remove any embarrassment you may have in inviting us in to clean for you.

We are fully licensed and bonded New York company; our staff is thoroughly screened, fingerprinted and are of the highest level of professionals in the cleaning business. We offer a free in house evaluation, once we accept your business, we offer the best competitive rate available in the industry…our iron clad guarantee and pledge is that if you are not completely satisfied upon our completion…we will return the next day and re-do the job for free.