Industrial Cleaning Products

Industrial cleaning equipment – manufacturer: KOKS Special Products
Development and manufacturing of vehicles on behalf of vacuum, suction/blowing technology and sewer cleaning are the main activities of Koks Special Products. The delivery programme consists among others of vacuum trucks, air displacement vehicles, high pressure vehicles, combined vacuum/high pressure vehicles and sewer cleaners.

The combination of experience with and knowledge of this kind of equipment makes us a reliable specialist in cleaning and vehicle technology for the industry and public services for many years already.
Our service departments aim at relieving you of concern as much as possible and at letting your machine function optimally and most economically.

Save time and money by using our service!

Supply of high-quality equipment is only a part of our services. Technical knowledge of machines is important, but we think that having an eye for the user is far more important. We would like to instruct you how to explore your vehicle most efficiently, for instance how to prevent wear. Also how to keep your machine in operation as long as possible by inspecting it regularly. With our service you can save time and money. Now and in the future.


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