With the outbreak of COVID-19 not far from our minds, and the spread of illness a constant threat, it is important to learn how to keep your office clean, disinfected, and germ-free. 

What is the Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting?

Cleaning an object only removes the germs, dirt, and debris that are on the outside surfaces. To get deeper, sanitizing an object removes dust spores, and slows the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Disinfecting, on the other hand, kills germs, bacteria, and microbes that could potentially harm you or your employees.

Here are seven tips for disinfecting your office:

1. Use a one-way wipe down: with a one-way wipe down, you will be moving your wipe in a singular direction, not doubling back to deposit germs on surfaces that they have just been removed from. You should wipe down all repeatedly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, phones, counters, and light switches.

2. Understand the chemicals that you are using: Common household disinfectants claim to kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, including human coronavirus, E. coli, flu strains, and salmonella, along with others that are on their label. You should be on the look out to ensure that your chemicals kill the largest number of strains possible, so that your staff will be healthy and safe.

3. Disinfect your tech: Make sure that you are taking the time to wipe down all of the tech within your office. You want to clean up the desktops, keyboards, mouse, printers, fax machines, copiers, phones, monitors, and any charging cords that are regularly handled. Be careful with your tech, however, as it is usually more sensitive to liquid. Spray a cloth with the chemicals that you will be using, and then use the cloth to wipe down and disinfect your tech surfaces.

4. Only use the amount indicated on the bottle: Many cleaning chemicals have to be specifically mixed for the best combination of potency and safety. You need to ensure that you are using the correct amount as indicated on the bottle. This keeps everyone safe around chemicals that could otherwise be hazardous, while keeping your surfaces cleaned and sanitized.

5. Promote hand washing and hand sanitizer usage: If you haven’t already posted hand washing signs within the bathroom and around the office, now is the time to do so. These signs offer a vital reminder to staff to keep their hands clean and germ free. You should also have hand sanitizer stationed at various places within your office, to make it easily accessible to your employees. Remember: your hand sanitizer needs to have 70 to 95% alcohol to be the most effective. Ensure that your employees know to use soap with warm water and wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.

6. Use high quality cleaning products: Remember, cleaning frequently is not going to help if you are using subpar cleaning products. You want to be investing in products that can effectively kill germs while not having any harmful effects on humans. At Altius Janitorial, we use the top-of-the-line cleaning products to ensure that your office is fully disinfected every time we clean.

7. Consider hiring a team of professionals: Minimizing the spread of germs around your office is not an easy task for newbies. Consider hiring a professional team of disinfections specialists to make sure that your office is appropriately cleaned, sanitized, and that all of the frequently touched surfaces are properly disinfected.

What if I Can’t Keep Up With All of That?

If you find it difficult to motivate your employees to keep a clean office environment, it’s likely time to bring in the professionals. At Altius Janitorial, we pride ourselves on using nothing but the best techniques to keep your office clean, germ-free, and looking amazing. You can find out more today at https://www.altiusclean.com or by calling us now for your free bid at (208) 841-5531.